Aslı Atalay-Istanbul365Days

Aslı Atalay

Aslı was born in Istanbul and is a graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Communications at Istanbul Technical University.  She is a lover of Istanbul, works in the IT sector and started photography in 2012.

Day 1 01.01.2016 Aslı Atalay

Eminönü- Fikri Batur was a photographer for years but when digital photography began he could not afford the equipment and so he quit photography. 54 year-old Fikri has been selling birdseed for four years.

Day 16 16.01.2016 Aslı Atalay

Üsküdar, Marmara İlahiyat Mosque - 8th grade student Onur is from Mersin. He sells Turkish bagels (simit) in the garden of İlahiyat Mosque to make up the 20 lira he needs for a book.

Day 30 30.01.2016 Aslı Atalay

Eminönü - The restroom between the New Mosque, Egyptian Bazaar and Flower Market demonstrates the diversity of Eminönü.

Day 44 13.02.2016 Aslı Atalay

Beşiktaş – On the ferryboat pier, a rush to catch the boat.

Day 86 26.03.2016 Aslı Atalay

Kadıköy - The Protection and Shelter Centre for strays run by Kadıköy Municipality.

Day 121 30.04.2016 Aslı Atalay

Zeytinburnu - The renowned meatball restaurant of Chef Ahmet in Merkezefendi has been serving since 1962.

Day 142 21.05.2016 Aslı Atalay

Maltepe – Maltepe Seaside Park.

Day 227 14.08.2016 Aslı Atalay

Caddebostan - Caddebostan seaside.

Day 233 20.08.2016 Aslı Atalay

Kadıköy - Kuşdili Street. Kadıköy has several wig stores that accept personalised orders.

Day 238 25.08.2016 Aslı Atalay

Ataşehir - Killing time in Palladium Mall.

Day 260 16.09.2016 Aslı Atalay

Sultanahmet - The Basilica Cistern. Istanbul’s largest underground reservoir.

Day 282 08.10.2016 Aslı Atalay

Tahtakale - The active commercial life of Istanbul.

Day 345 10.12.2016 Aslı Atalay

Maslak – Efe Durmuşoğlu was born in January 2007 and is in the 4th grade. He does his best to skate on the rink at Unique-Maslak.

Day 353 18.12.2016 Aslı Atalay

Maltepe – Dutch national Sija Zobi has lived in Turkey for 20 years. She opened the Lilart Art Workshop together with her husband and continues her work today whilst also teaching.