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Ayşegül Saltat

Ayşegül was born in Karadeniz Ereğli and has worked as a doctor for around 20 years in the field of Cosmetic and Dermatology.  She finds there is a close bond between her profession and the visual arts and declares, “my statues live and breathe”.  Ayşegül enjoyed drawing whilst at school and continues to work on people and street photography following a trip to Cuba.

Day 31 31.01.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Sirkeci - 18 year-old Adem Kandemir was born in Ağrı Doğubayazıt and is the eldest of four siblings. He has been selling coffee for two and a half years.

Day 42 11.02.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Beyazıt, Grand Bazaar – A bowl of tripe soup.

Day 63 03.03.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Nişantaşı – Luck, destiny, fate; all for 1 lira.

Day 115 24.04.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Beykoz – The Beykoz Municipality Children’s Book Fair from April 16-24.

Day 166 14.06.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Beyazıt, Kapalıçarşı - The craftsman and his apprentice are doing a crossword.

Day 214 01.08.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Kandilli - Emotional reunion of Güzin Teker, a geography teacher from Üsküdar American Academy, and her student Sema Araç, after long years at “Suna’nın Yeri”, a local restaurant.

Day 340 05.12.2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Taksim – Sell your dollars for a free lottery ticket.