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Beril Baytan

Beril was born in Istanbul and graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University.  She began her photography career in 2010 after working for many years in the pharmaceutical industry.  Beril focuses on architecture and portrait photography and has participated in 8 exhibitions.

Day 3 03.01.2016 Beril Baytan

Beyoğlu, İstiklal Street -A snowy winter’s day. A tourist in a brown scarf walking down the street doesn’t mind the cold.

Day 28 28.01.2016 Beril Baytan

Üsküdar, Şakirin Mosque - Şakirin Mosque is one the best examples of modern architecture in Turkey and was the first mosque to be designed by a female architect.

Day 32 01.02.2016 Beril Baytan

Galata Bridge - Ring desserts are one of the important emblems of İstanbul and can be found anytime of the year.

Day 118 27.04.2016 Beril Baytan

Beşiktaş - Preparations for the exhibition of the 3-D relief course run by Beşiktaş Municipality.

Day 143 22.05.2016 Beril Baytan

Beykoz – Fishermen patiently wait for the day to end after days of tossing their nets into the sea.

Day 154 02.06.2016 Beril Baytan

Kadıköy - Haydarpaşa Train Terminal hosts a book fair.

Day 180 28.06.2016 Beril Baytan

Beyoğlu - The 170th anniversary celebrations of Sainte-Pulchérie French Lycée founded in 1846.

Day 197 15.07.2016 Beril Baytan

Galatasaray - Tattoos, embracing passions and beliefs from 2000BC. to the present day.

Day 210 28.07.2016 Beril Baytan

Dolapdere - ‘’Echo’’, an artwork by Isaac Julien.

Day 225 12.08.2016 Beril Baytan

Beyazıt - Sahaflar (second hand books) Market.

Day 266 22.09.2016 Beril Baytan

Beyoğlu - The never-ending rush of the tea vendor.

Day 330 25.11.2016 Beril Baytan

Beşiktaş, Akatlar – The workspace of doyen director Güner Sarıoğlu.

Day 358 23.12.2016 Beril Baytan

Levent, Kanyon – Zorlu Center as New Year approaches.