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Can Emre

Can is a graduate in Tourism from Istanbul Bosphorus University and was born in 1977.  He began photography in 2008 and in his work he tries to reflect life’s hardships experienced by his subjects.  Can continues his photography with the “Photography Travellers” and has contributed to several exhibitions.

Day 23 23.01.2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy, Haydarpaşa Train Terminal - Haydarpaşa Train Terminal has been abandoned since February 1, 2012.

Day 72 12.03.2016 Can Emre

Caddebostan – Povel Smirnov is of those who secretly climbed the new 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and took photos to capture the excitement.

Day 100 09.04.2016 Can Emre

Beyoğlu - A physically handicapped street vendor lays out his stall on the pavement oblivious to the crowds.

Day 128 07.05.2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy – The breakwater where, once upon a time the youth of .Kadıköy would gather on.

Day 156 04.06.2016 Can Emre

Eminönü - The Grand Bazaar with its colorful shops and souvenirs.

Day 255 11.09.2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy - Shopkeepers clear their shelves at the day’s end at the historical Kadıköy market.

Day 303 29.10.2016 Can Emre

Şaşkınbakkal - October 29 Republic Day celebrations on Bağdat Avenue.

Day 310 05.11.2016 Can Emre

Bostancı – Seabirds wait for fishermen on the quayside.

Day 317 12.11.2016 Can Emre

Eminönü – A view of Istanbul from the rooftops of the historical Valide Inn.

Day 339 04.12.2016 Can Emre

Balat – An open auction held one Sunday in Balat.

Day 351 16.12.2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy – Kadife Street. The first snow of the winter.

Day 356 21.12.2016 Can Emre

Şile – A stormy day.

Day 359 24.12.2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy – The Red Snapper faces extinction.

Day 366 31.12.2016 Can Emre

Nişantaşı – Waiting for the new year.