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Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Born in Ankara in 1963, Canan is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Ankara University and further to a spell as a lawyer in a bank she has worked both as a Fellow and as Chair of the University Health, Culture and Sports Faculty.  Her photography began as a hobby whilst trekking and travelling and grew into a passion through the guidance of Niko Guido.  Canan has contributed to numerous documentary photo projects alongside Niko Guido and the “Photography Travellers” such as “I am Istanbul”, “Istanbul365” and “14 Cities, 14 Photographers”.

Day 11 11.01.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Kadıköy - Poet Cemal Süreya’s poems immortalized in the pavement stones of Cemal Süreya Street in Kadıköy.

Day 69 09.03.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Beyoğlu, Tepebaşı – 91-year-old jazz pianist Ilham Gencer plays at the Jumeirah Pera Palace Hotel.

Day 96 05.04.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Beşiktaş - The Kadıköy-Beşiktaş ferryboat approaches Beşiktaş pier.

Day 139 18.05.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Kuzguncuk – Painter Mine Çelengil Göker has lived in Kuzguncuk for many years. She makes the final preparations for her exhibition.

Day 144 23.05.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Taksim – A cat explores its surroundings. Cats are an integral part of daily life in Istanbul.

Day 217 04.08.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Karaköy - Prominent photography masters Ersin Alok, Nevzat Çakır, İlyas Göçmen and İzzet Keribar meet photographers at the Art İstanbul Photography Café.

Day 246 02.09.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Kadıköy, Yeldeğirmeni - Istanbul is one of the great cities of contrasts.

Day 307 02.11.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Moda – Yeşim Cimcoz Yazıevi. A magical door for those who love writing and are looking for a place to write. Yeşim Cingöz and her cat İlhami.

Day 337 02.12.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Eminönü – İncinur from Kayseri sells hand tissues to earn her keep and waits for the day her son returns from his national military service.

Day 354 19.12.2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Nişantaşı – Kantin is the contemporary shopkeeper’s restaurant in Nişantaşı.