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Fethi Baytan

Fethi was born in 1965 and is a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Engineering at Istanbul Bosphorus University.  He thanks his wife Beril for getting him started in photography.  He is particularly interested in street photography and ‘catching-the-moment’.

Day 24 24.01.2016 Fethi Baytan

Bağlarbaşı -The untimely passing of Mustafa Koç at the age of 55 threw Turkey into mourning. Attending his funeral, Koç Holding employees as well as citizens from all over Turkey here expressed their condolences and respect for him.

Day 38 07.02.2016 Fethi Baytan

Kavacık – Bayramoğlu Döner restaurant.

Day 59 28.02.2016 Fethi Baytan

Samatya – Bird fanciers take special care of the birds.

Day 80 20.03.2016 Fethi Baytan

Rumeli Hisarüstü – Istanbul Bosphorus. An engagement snap with a view.

Day 108 17.04.2016 Fethi Baytan

Bakırköy - Racehorses warm up moments before a race at the Veliefendi track.

Day 164 12.06.2016 Fethi Baytan

Kadıköy - St. Joseph French Lycée annually celebrate their graduation day Petit Pain.

Day 198 16.07.2016 Fethi Baytan

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge - People take souvenir photos with tanks in the aftermath of the coup attempt on July 15.

Day 212 30.07.2016 Fethi Baytan

Poyrazköy - Cooling off in Poyrazköy where the Marmara and Black Sea regions meet.

Day 226 13.08.2016 Fethi Baytan

Hasköy - Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

Day 324 19.11.2016 Fethi Baytan

Sarıyer – A crisp winter’s day in Istanbul.

Day 331 26.11.2016 Fethi Baytan

Maslak – Excitement, adrenaline, fun, happiness, courage.

Day 360 25.12.2016 Fethi Baytan

Levent – Rock band MFÖ plays a gig at Kanyon.