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Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Feyza was born in İzmit in 1977 and graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.  She worked for 16 years both in Turkey and abroad selling industrial equipment.  Feyza started photography in 2010.  As a photographer she sees photography as the grammar and vocabulary of a universal language, one that takes your breath away, grabs your attention, makes you smile or sticks in your throat and she loves to capture on film and share the story behind every moment she wants to understand or explain.

Day 21 21.01.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Kadikoy - 1 USD was 2.3393 TL on January 21, 2015, one year ago.

Day 35 04.02.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Sarıyer – Construction of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge. The span between the steel uprights is 247 meters.

Day 55 24.02.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Şişli – Special School of the Tohum Autism Foundation.

Day 77 17.03.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Ataşehir – Subterranean connecting tunnels beneath the Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden. Tunnels are used as a gallery.

Day 105 14.04.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Sirkeci - Harem Ferryboat - Küçüksu ferryboat, which was added to the Istanbul City Lines in 2015.

Day 169 17.06.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Beşiktaş - The “iftar” (breaking the daily fast) tent of Beşiktaş Municipality.

Day 194 12.07.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Bosphorus - A mobile stall of a corn vendor on the Bosphorus.

Day 207 25.07.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Ortaköy - An İstanbul tradition ‘’feeding the pigeons’’.

Day 302 28.10.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Beşiktaş - A Northern Caucasus Folk Dance Show as part of the October 29 Republic Day celebrations.

Day 327 22.11.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Gayrettepe – During the “Dialogue in the Dark” exhibition realised in the Gayrettepe Subway Station, visitors are guided by blind guides in absolute darkness.

Day 347 12.12.2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Kadıköy – In Turkey there are around 500,000 paper recyclers who earn their living by selling the waste paper they collect.