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Figen Ongun Tuncer

Figen is a graduate of TED Ankara College and Italian Philology from the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography at Ankara University and has been a professional tourist guide in the English and Italian languages for 25 years.  She says that looking at life through the viewfinder increases awareness and sensitivity and that her greatest passion is capturing THAT moment.  Figen adds that photography brings invaluable new perspectives to her own viewpoints.

Day 19 19.01.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Sirkeci, Hodjapasha Turkish Bath - Whirling Dervish performance.

Day 47 16.02.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Göztepe – İstanbul Toy Museum. The museum was founded on 23 April 2005 inside a pavilion in Göztepe bequeathed by the family of Sunay Akın.

Day 71 11.03.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Beykoz – The Glassblowers’ Foundation. This glass artisan Mehmet Kömürcü has 20 years’ experience in the job.

Day 89 29.03.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Moda - Enes Antiques. Tellalzade Sokak is known as the antique dealers’ street.

Day 110 19.04.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Levent - İstanbul traffic as seen from the observation deck of Sapphire Plaza.

Day 138 17.05.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Emirgan – Osman Demir graduated from primary school in Nevşehir then came to İstanbul where he has been selling artichokes on the Bosphorus for 40 years.

Day 157 05.06.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Hisarüstü, Bosphorus University - The Master Games Tournament at the Disabilities Friendship Sports Club.

Day 186 04.07.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Göksu - The workshop of potter Hasan, a favourite amongst well-known ceramic craftsmen.

Day 263 19.09.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Beykoz - The silhouette of Europe as seen from theAsian side of Istanbul.

Day 278 04.10.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Sultanahmet - “Pudding Shop Lale Restaurant” has been in business since 1957 on the Divanyolu Street.

Day 299 25.10.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Sultanahmet - A doorknob from Cizre Ulu Mosque on display at the Turkish and Islamic Artifacts Museum.

Day 320 15.11.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Eminönü – Spice Bazaar. The Bazaar is not as crowded as it once was.

Day 341 06.12.2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Beyoğlu – The Syrian Passage. The secondhand clothes store “By Retro”.