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Funda İnceer

Funda studied Cinema and Television at university and has worked in this sector for many years.  Her interest in photography began whilst at university and in 2000 she set out with an analogue camera.  She made the switch to a digital camera in 2010 and has since been guided by Niko Guido, Muammer Yanmaz and Burak Bulut in this field.

Day 10 10.01.2016 Funda İnceer

Poyrazköy - The fishermen of Poyrazköy.

Day 45 14.02.2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş – A Sıla concert on St. Valentine’s Day.

Day 66 06.03.2016 Funda İnceer

Kadıköy – A walk for International Women’s Day in Bahariye.

Day 101 10.04.2016 Funda İnceer

Çamlıca - Kids enjoy spring amongst the tulips on Çamlıca hill.

Day 114 23.04.2016 Funda İnceer

Akatlar - April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day festivities by Beşiktaş Municipality.

Day 206 24.07.2016 Funda İnceer

Taksim - The Republican People’s Party’s “Republic and Democracy Meeting.”

Day 215 02.08.2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş - The bronz statues of 12 intellectuals, killed between 1978 and 1999, took their place in Abbasağa Park in Beşiktaş as part of the ‘’Heroes of Democracy’’ project.

Day 219 06.08.2016 Funda İnceer

Beyoğlu - The 593rd weekly meeting of the Saturday mothers.

Day 240 27.08.2016 Funda İnceer

Kadıköy - The Istanbul Mural Festival enters its 5th year.

Day 269 25.09.2016 Funda İnceer

Kadıköy - The quayside; the “Dressed-up Ladies Bicycle Ride” was first held in 2013.

Day 325 20.11.2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş – Renaissance Hotel. Traffic on the Bosphorus bridge ahead of a local football derby.

Day 352 17.12.2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş – Flowers are left in memory of those who died in attacks around the Vodafone Arena on 10 December.