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Güniz Saltat

Güniz is a Naval Engineer born in İzmit in 1956.  Further to his retirement he started his own clinic with his wife Ayşegül and around this time started to take an interest in photography together with his wife.  He has been taking photographs since 2006.

Day 26 26.01.2016 Güniz Saltat

Anadolu Hisarı - A submarine in the Bosphorus.

Day 50 19.02.2016 Güniz Saltat

Levent – 49-year-old Ahmet Ulutepe is in charge of the Hacı Bozanoğulları pastry shop.

Day 75 15.03.2016 Güniz Saltat

Kağıthane - Bilgi University. Sütlüce Campus. A social program for primary school students.

Day 92 01.04.2016 Güniz Saltat

Karaköy - Morning rush at Karaköy Pier.

Day 120 29.04.2016 Güniz Saltat

Beşiktaş - A street concert in Beşiktaş market.

Day 148 27.05.2016 Güniz Saltat

Anadolu Hisarı (Anatolian Fortress) – The oldest Ottoman cemetery in İstanbul.

Day 155 03.06.2016 Güniz Saltat

Beşiktaş, Karanfilköy - 52-year-old veteran scrap merchant Hakkı from Niğde is troubled about maintaining his livelihood.

Day 274 30.09.2016 Güniz Saltat

Beşiktaş - An ordinary day in Beşiktaş market.

Day 279 05.10.2016 Güniz Saltat

Güniz Saltat İstinye - Borusan Land Rover service workshop. A craftsman shapes a panel using a technique of his own.

Day 292 18.10.2016 Güniz Saltat

Üsküdar - Üsküdar Square, Bookseller’s Festival.

Day 305 31.10.2016 Güniz Saltat

Beşiktaş, Akatlar - A merry group of bank staff.

Day 312 07.11.2016 Güniz Saltat

Levent – Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic.

Day 326 21.11.2016 Güniz Saltat

Şişli – The Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. A plea for organ donation.

Day 328 23.11.2016 Güniz Saltat

Beyoğlu – Ali wears his work clothes each evening and earns his keep by selling balloons to children and posing for photos.