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İhya Bozkurt

A graduate in International Business, İhya was born in Trabzon in 1977.  He did his Master’s degree in photography and video and also received basic training in photography from Photo House in 2002.  İhya then undertook documentary photo work with the Photography Foundation in 2003.  His work has collected several awards in both national and international competitions.  İhya also joined the İFSAK group in 2004.  He continues to present his documentary and photo-interview work in various exhibitions.

Day 9 09.01.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Harbiye - 30 year-old Turan Çelik from Ordu is a father of two and works in a cafe stall. One day a week he works a 21-hour shift in another stall in Taksim. ‘’I’ll do anything for my kids’’, he says.

Day 39 08.02.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Topkapı – The Panorama 1453 History Museum An elderly couple tour the artifacts.

Day 76 16.03.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Çekmeköy – The chef prepares lunch in a textile factory.

Day 99 08.04.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Beşiktaş - İstanbul Maritime Museum. The ‘Picturesque Istanbul’ digital exhibition.

Day 147 26.05.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar – Billboard transporting truck.

Day 170 18.06.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Moda - Kids play football on an all-weather pitch.

Day 195 13.07.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar - A street peddler with scales.

Day 209 27.07.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar - Passengers waiting for a bus.

Day 218 05.08.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Eminönü - Shopping for a circumcision celebration.

Day 220 07.08.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar - Kids watch the world go by at Üsküdar shore.

Day 239 26.08.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Kadıköy - A furniture suite sits in the street waiting to be sold

Day 248 04.09.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Esenyurt - 34 year-old Yasar Baş from Samsun works overtime to provide for his children.

Day 268 24.09.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Çekmeköy - Textile workers on a lunch break.

Day 297 23.10.2016 İhya Bozkurt

Eminönü - Arab tourists watch the Bosphorus from Eminönü.