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İpek Ebru Yıldız

Ebru graduated from TED Ankara College and Hacettepe University (English Language and Literature) and furthered her higher education with a Business and Marketing certificate program at Harvard University Extension School.  After 11 years with various media outlets such as TRT, Turkish Daily News, CNN Turk and Doğan Burda Rizolli she founded her own business that she ran for 8 years.  In 2010 Ebru took the radical decision to put her career aside and took her first steps in photography by attending Basic Photography Training with Fototrek.  She became a member of İFSAK in 2013 and has participated in various photography projects and exhibitions in Turkey as well as the 19th International Nancy Biennial.

Day 8 08.01.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Beyoğlu - Cengiz Galiptus and Ibrahim Kacer are both from Hatay and have been running the Yöremiz Pide pastry shop for 15 years. Their neigbour Kenan Yıldırım helps them even though he works as a sandpaper craftsman.

Day 34 03.02.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Fatih, Vezneciler – Tuncay, the renowned rice seller of Unkapanı. His two loyal regulars are university students Damla Tarım and Yılmaz Yıldırım. Damla is from İzmit and is 22 years old, whereas 24 year-old Yılmaz is from Van.

Day 41 10.02.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Hasköy – Rahmi Koç Museum. Newly-weds Merve and Yakup Memişoğlu pose for the cameras.

Day 102 11.04.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Eyüp, Göktürk - “If a Child is Silent, You must Speak Out, Raise Your Voice Against Child Abuse!” 8 year-old boy gives support to the campaign against child abuse, started by his mother.

Day 131 10.05.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Kadıköy – Reflections of Istanbul’s beauty in the middle of the sea.

Day 173 21.06.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Maslak - The Terrace Exhibition at the Elgiz Museum. “The Three Monkeys’’ piece by sculptor Mahmut Aydın.

Day 252 08.09.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Dolapdere - Iyed Eyub and his wife who immigrated to Turkey to escape the civil war in Syria, live in a single room house in Dolapdere. Their son Muhammed is a Turkish citizen, having been born in Turkey, and this gives them great pride.

Day 298 24.10.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Göktürk - A birthday surprise for actor Ragıp Savaş from his pupils.

Day 308 03.11.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Harbiye – Contemporary İstanbul The “Dance with taboos” composition by Halil Altındere.

Day 336 01.12.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Şişhane – A spot designed not for customers to stop but to stop by.

Day 349 14.12.2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Emirgan – This vendor quipped, “What difference does my name make? 30 years ago I left my village and now everyday I make Kokoreç (lamb intestines) and sell it on the streets of Istanbul.”