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Işın Akpınar

Işın completed her higher education in London further to which she worked internationally for 12 years as a sales and marketing executive.  She then decided that to be in the world of art, to live and breathe art was an inseparable part of her and her interest in visual arts led to her work in painting and photography.  In addition to art exhibitions, Işın took portrait shots of the nation’s leading journalists as part of the “Face Bank (Yüz Kumbarası) Photography Project” in conjunction with photographer Muammer Yanmaz.  She also participated in the “I AM ISTANBUL” project with the Photography Travellers group led by photographer Niko Guido.  Some of her work has won prizes in international competitions.  Işın also coordinated the “ISTANBUL IN 365 DAYS” project and in her work she aims to tell people’s life stories, to catch the moment that reflects the subject’s soul.  

Day 4 04.01.2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü, Ali Paşa- Coppersmith Osman Kaya is 53 years old. He has been working 6 days a week for 35 years.

Day 33 02.02.2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü – Shopkeepers at the Grand Bazaar excitedly play cards.

Day 74 14.03.2016 Işın Akpınar

Rumeli Hisari – 47-year-old Ahmet Tosun from Rize has lived in Istanbul for 25 years. He is married with one son and likens Istanbul to Rize.

Day 95 04.04.2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü - Turkish Telecom workers lay 4G cables.

Day 137 16.05.2016 Işın Akpınar

Mahmutpaşa – 37-year-old Alim Köprübaşı makes his living as a mover together with his family.

Day 179 27.06.2016 Işın Akpınar

Beyoğlu - A National Lottery vendor with curious customers.

Day 181 29.06.2016 Işın Akpınar

Ayvansaray - Neriman Özlü and Halit Özlü married for 28 years with 3 kids depend upon the support of the shopkeepers of Ayvansaray.

Day 221 08.08.2016 Işın Akpınar

Beyazıt - An elderly man sells bric-a-brac at the historical plane-tree area in Beyazıt.

Day 237 24.08.2016 Işın Akpınar

Beyoğlu - Emre Karaca is 23 years old. To help people unwind he listens to their problems.

Day 253 09.09.2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü - A simit (Turkish bagel with sesame) seller and an old man. The latter was born in Kastamonu and his name is Kemal Kayaoğlu. He’s 84 years old. He has made baskets for 72 years, and has 8 children.

Day 285 11.10.2016 Işın Akpınar

Halkalı - 2016 Universal Ashura Mourning Ceremony.

Day 333 28.11.2016 Işın Akpınar

Fatih – The locals convene in front of the neighbourhood coffee house.