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Jasemin Sadıker

If you bring up photography, Susan Sontag’s wonderful book “On Photography” springs to mind and right away I remember the fantastic sentence in that book, “Humankind lingers unregenerately in Plato’s cave, still revealing, its age-old habit, in mere images of the truth”.  When I recall this it stirs my curiosity.  With his back turned to the light, the cave dweller sees only the opposite of what goes on, and what he sees on the wall, what meaning he derives from that, without seeing the reality, I reflect on the vision seen in that projection.  And me in my own cave I share the tales, the tales caught amongst dreams in the light; whatever I see, look or feel.  If my cave is my eyes and mind, so my memories were cast thus onto the walls … may your light be everlasting.

Day 20 20.01.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Prince’s Island - Life is tough for Körfez Hasan who lives in a tarpaulin shack.

Day 83 23.03.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Üsküdar – 11 youngsters with Down’s Syndrome work at the Tebessüm (smile) Café.

Day 91 31.03.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Küçükyalı - İhsan Çınar is a wall builder and is from Tokat. He has 4 children and has lived in Istanbul for 12 years.

Day 190 08.07.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Bostancı - 7-year-old İsmail from Gaziantep recycles cardboard.

Day 256 12.09.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Maltepe - Sacrifice Festival. Slaughtering the sheep.

Day 323 18.11.2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Burgaz Island – The islands are calmer when autumn ends.