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Meltem İnanç

Meltem is a graduate of the Business School at Bosphorus University and was born in İzmir in 1966.  She worked for around 20 years as an executive in the sales and marketing departments of various media companies, TV channels and newspapers. Her biggest passion in life is travelling the world and capturing different lifestyles. Meltem is a member of İFSAK and has participated in national and international exhibitions.

Day 2 02.01.2016 Meltem İnanç

Samatya - Seafood restaurateur Mehmet Kaya. He came to Istanbul from Patnos village in Ağri in 1990. He lights a fire in the garden of his restaurant to warm his customers.

Day 40 09.02.2016 Meltem İnanç

Kadıköy, Merdivenköy – The age-old Tuesday Market. The market may move around but its regular customers have remained faithful for 118 years.

Day 56 25.02.2016 Meltem İnanç

Karaköy, Funicular – A cat on the train collects passengers’ affection.

Day 103 12.04.2016 Meltem İnanç

Göztepe - Göztepe 60th Anniversary Park.

Day 140 19.05.2016 Meltem İnanç

Kalamış – Festivities at the Kalamış Youth Center as a part of Kadıköy Municipality’s May 19, Ataturk Remembrance Youth and Sports day.

Day 160 08.06.2016 Meltem İnanç

Sultanahmet - Prof. Dr. Nihat Hatipoğlu answers questions in Sultanahmet Square during an “iftar” (breaking the daily fast) event.

Day 188 06.07.2016 Meltem İnanç

Emirgan - Young people enjoying the Bosphorus on a hot summer day.

Day 193 11.07.2016 Meltem İnanç

Kadıköy - Kadıköy Kabataş Ferryboat Pier.

Day 258 14.09.2016 Meltem İnanç

Caddebostan - Whilst bidding a final farewell to my beloved motherSıdıka Inanç, with my dear aunt Nehir Tümer.

Day 277 03.10.2016 Meltem İnanç

Ortaköy, Yetimhane - Fotoİstanbul2016. The ‘’Persian Fairytale’’ project by photographer Özcan Agaoğlu.

Day 300 26.10.2016 Meltem İnanç

Caddebostan - Berna Altıntaş from Antalya enjoys a seaside stroll with her 18 month-old son Berk. Berk’s older brother is 21.

Day 318 13.11.2016 Meltem İnanç

Bosphorus Bridge – “Pursue goodness”.

Day 350 15.12.2016 Meltem İnanç

Levent – Since 1913 Suvla wine has been made from grapes grown on vines officially certified as organic.