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Mine Alpar

After a 25-year career as a marketing executive, Mine began her photography adventure in 2012.  She has participated in projects run by photography workshops she attended and has joined photography excursions in Turkey and abroad.  In addition to her photography projects, Mine has shown her work in 14 different exhibitions, 2 of which were entirely her own collections.  Her photography has won prizes in international competitions.

Day 6 06.01.2016 Mine Alpar

Çengelköy, Aya Yorgi Church - A special day for the Orthodox Church, Ta Fota. A priest rewards 25 year-old George Gökmen, who recovered the cross from the sea, with a gold chain and a cross of his own.

Day 25 25.01.2016 Mine Alpar

Esenler Bus Station -16 year-olds Can Yakut and Ekrem Erten from Van. This pair were born and grew up in Istanbul and have worked at Esenler Station for 9 years.

Day 53 22.02.2016 Mine Alpar

Sirkeci – 58-year-old Hasan Sarı from Rize works in the Rumeli chocolate shop. He speaks English, German and Italian.

Day 62 02.03.2016 Mine Alpar

Hadımköy – Workers stack the production in a wooden pallet factory.

Day 111 20.04.2016 Mine Alpar

Caddebostan - Caddebostan seashore is busy all day long with walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists.

Day 112 21.04.2016 Mine Alpar

Nişantaşı - Nuray Doğan is sales manager at the Özlem Süer fashion design studio.

Day 130 09.05.2016 Mine Alpar

Edirnekapi – Kariye Museum. Two youngsters born and raised in London to Cypriot families visit the museum.

Day 145 24.05.2016 Mine Alpar

Zeytinburnu - This Afghan youth works for peanuts by laboring in a textile workshop.

Day 165 13.06.2016 Mine Alpar

Yeşilyurt - Madame Lili Barocas was born in İstanbul in 1933. She is a former ballerina and continues to teach. Madame Barocas lost her husband 9 years ago after 50 loving years of marriage.

Day 185 03.07.2016 Mine Alpar

Yeniköy - Yenikoy Aya Yorgi Church and the Central Market Mosque in Yenikoy.

Day 187 05.07.2016 Mine Alpar

Büyükçekmece - Bus driver Yusuf Doğan is 58 years old. After having worked during holidays every single year, the first holiday he has spent with his family.

Day 203 21.07.2016 Mine Alpar

Galata - Beneath the Galata Bridge.

Day 235 22.08.2016 Mine Alpar

Maltepe - Sersu Kara plays with her 17 month-old daughter Zeynep in the theme park.

Day 249 05.09.2016 Mine Alpar

Bakırköy - “Everyone for Peace”. The Monday and Thursday meetings outside Bakırköy Woman's Prison.

Day 270 26.09.2016 Mine Alpar

Moda - Cartoonist and artist Göksü Gül prepares for her exhibition.