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Murat Ekşioğlu

Murat was born in Istanbul in 1966 and is an executive in the fields of research, development and innovation in the telecoms sector.  He started out in photography during his high school years with a Zenit camera and continued on the streets of Istanbul during his university studies.  He says, “photography taught me to look and to see” and in his own words the years spent snapping his children growing up “stopped me from seeing the outside world for some time”.  He returned to photography in 2009 armed with a digital camera and today he continues to learn in the genres of street and press photography. 

Day 51 20.02.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Sarıyer, Garipçe village – The majority of the village population is from the Black Sea region.

Day 65 05.03.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Üsküdar – The Harem shoreline and Maiden’s Tower.

Day 79 19.03.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Kanlıca – Shuttle boats for the Kanlıca-Emirgan crossing.

Day 93 02.04.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Anadolu Hisarı (Anatolian Fortress) - A basketball training session at the Marmara University Physical Education and Sports Academy.

Day 107 16.04.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Eminönü - The morning sun peeks through the door of the New Mosque.

Day 163 11.06.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Ömerli Dam, Esenceli Village - A tiny heaven in a hidden corner of Istanbul.

Day 199 17.07.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Taksim - The people occupy the squares after the July 15 coup attempt.

Day 234 21.08.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Beyoğlu - The LGBT lobby declare “We will walk on Galatasaray Square, we want justice for murdered transgender victim Hande Kader.”

Day 241 28.08.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Kadıköy - Aegean folk songs from the car bring joy to passers-by.

Day 283 09.10.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Caddebostan - The Color Sky 5K Rainbow Run Festival is organised with the participation of the Physically Handicapped Support Foundation.

Day 338 03.12.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Kadıkoy – The Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium Derby day excitement. Fenerbahçe 0 – 0 Beşiktaş.

Day 346 11.12.2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Tepeören – Off-road races were organised on the 10th and 11th of December by the Istanbul Park Sport Club, an organisation which also supports social responsibility projects.