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Nazan Okay

Nazan Okay is a graduate of the Graphics Department at the Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University.  Her interest in photography started whilst at university and continued during her personal and professional life.  In 2010 Okay attended classes given by photographer Muammer Yanmaz.  Then in 2013 he met Niko Guido and participated in the “I am Istanbul” and the “Istanbul 365” projects.  She has contributed work to various exhibitions and has won awards in international competitions.  Okay is also a member of İFSAK.  Besides taking pleasure from her work she aims to immortalise moments, leave a mark for the future and express, show and share his emotions.

Day 12 12.01.2016 Nazan Okay

Eminönü, Büyük Yeni Han - 54 year-old Yücel Gür from Giresun has been a silversmith for 35 years and works a six-day a week.

Day 49 18.02.2016 Nazan Okay

Florya – İstanbul Aquarium. The aquarium was opened in 2011 and is one of the largest in the world.

Day 68 08.03.2016 Nazan Okay

Eminönü – Halise from Diyarbakir earns her keep by selling birdseed in front of the New Mosque.

Day 98 07.04.2016 Nazan Okay

Beyoğlu, Atlas Alleyway - Film buffs congregate at the Atlas Cinema as part of the 35th Istanbul Film Festival.

Day 125 04.05.2016 Nazan Okay

Gülhane – İstanbul Archaeology Museum. Statue of Cornelia Antonia.

Day 146 25.05.2016 Nazan Okay

Karaköy – Romanian Sera plays accordion amongst the cafés to earn some money.

Day 168 16.06.2016 Nazan Okay

Tahtakale - A colourful hat shop.

Day 264 20.09.2016 Nazan Okay

Balat - Poet Nedim’s Park.

Day 280 06.10.2016 Nazan Okay

Beşiktaş - Fotoİstanbul, Memories from Istanbul project.

Day 316 11.11.2016 Nazan Okay

Ortaköy - A painter sells his works.

Day 329 24.11.2016 Nazan Okay

Çengelköy – An incomporable view of Çengelköy.

Day 344 09.12.2016 Nazan Okay

Beyoğlu – Toy seller.

Day 357 22.12.2016 Nazan Okay

Fenerbahçe – Fenerbahçe Marina.