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Nilgün Akpınar

Nilgün is a graduate from Istanbul University (Journalism) and was born in Istanbul. After her studies in Istanbul she went to London and completed a course in ‘’Colour Design’’. She worked as a designer in her own firm for several years. During this period she was interested in sociology and psychology and so she trained in breath therapy and in life coaching. Nilgün received education in documentary photography from Özcan Yurdalan and in studio photography from Salih Güler. She has participated in different projects with Niko Guido. Nilgün has contributed to 4 exhibitions and 5 published works and today she continues her oil painting work alongside Temur Koran and is taking professional acting courses.

Day 7 07.01.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Subway Station - Members of Group Adaçayı, 27-year-old architect Aylin Çankaya and 34-year-old student of philosophy at Istanbul University's master program Yunus Emre have been playing music in the subways since 2012.

Day 57 26.02.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Bebeköy – Mars Athletic Club. Interior designer 32-year-old Begüm Öztürk works out for 2 hours a day 5 days a week in the gym.

Day 90 30.03.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Karaköy Perşembe (Thursday) Market - Old man ‘’Uncle Ali’’ has worked at the Ironmonger’s market for 38 years.

Day 116 25.04.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Kadıköy, City Lines ferryboat - The TV show ‘’Ferryboat chat over tea and bagels’’ broadcasts on TRT.

Day 127 06.05.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer – Old aunt Özcan is 82 years old. She raised her 3 sons by sewing at home after losing her husband at a young age. She keeps 2 cats at home and takes care of the rest in the neighbourhood.

Day 149 28.05.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer – Çayırbaşı – Everyone in the district knows ‘Father Müslüm’, who earns his living from renovating and decorating. He came to the area years ago and stayed. He became Father Müslüm in this Romany neighborhood and says, ‘’I drank the water of its fountain and stayed here.’’

Day 162 10.06.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Balat, Küçükpazar - The local tailor Rasim Çokar is 87 years old and he has been working as a tailor for 60 years.

Day 167 15.06.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer - The historical Sarıyer Turkish Bath.

Day 177 25.06.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer - Ms. Kerime is bound to a wheelchair after a debilitating illness. If the weather is fine she goes down to the shore to pray.

Day 182 30.06.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Yeniköy - This young man works more than 20 hours a day at the local car wash.

Day 242 29.08.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer - A woman washing dishes on the street.

Day 257 13.09.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Eyüp - A fun spot. A place where kids spend their holiday pocket-money.

Day 259 15.09.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer - A gypsy wedding. The bride’s father and older brother are taking her to the groom.

Day 322 17.11.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Eminönü – Puppies on sale at Eminönü Animal Market.

Day 364 29.12.2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Beşiktaş – Mrs. Müberre walks every day come rain or cold and here she wanders through Beşiktaş market.