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Nuray Ertürk

Nuray is a graduate of Bosphorus University and was born in 1969. She worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 14 years. Her first camera was a Nikon that she bought during her university days. The touchstone of her journey in photography was “The Forty Thieves” photography group that led her to the ‘’Face Bank’’ project.  Ertürk declares that she learned to look differently at the world after she met Niko Guido.

Day 27 27.01.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Levent -On the Levent-Nispetiye subway line, the Nispetiye stop.

Day 48 17.02.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Ortaköy – A day without laughter is a day wasted. Ortaköy has many attractions to make us laugh.

Day 119 28.04.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Kandilli - Kandilli Military Academy.

Day 201 19.07.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Arnavutköy - A notice for a missing dog.

Day 265 21.09.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Beyoğlu - The iconic tram of İstiklal Street.

Day 301 27.10.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Ulus - Jackie works at the British School and has lived in Turkey with her two sons since 1995. She doesn’t consider returning to London and declares “my homeland is here now”.

Day 309 04.11.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Büyükçekmece - Sancaklar Mosque.

Day 314 09.11.2016 Nuray Ertürk

Bahçeköy, Atatürk Arboretum – The Arboretum was opened in 1949 and boasts a proud collection of 2000 plants from various corners of the world.