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Nurhayat Baysal

Nurhayat was born in 1966 and is a graduate of the Interior Design Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yeditepe University. She worked for many years as a corporate travel consultant and for the last 5 years she has worked to develop her interest in photography within the framework of various projects and workshops.

Day 22 22.01.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Eyüp -Pierre Loti Cable Car. University students Fatih Aydın and Tuba Kaya spend their free time by drinking coffee and chatting atop Pierre Loti hill.

Day 43 12.02.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Fikirtepe – 3 youngsters who came to İstanbul from Van in search of work. Osman Aslan is 20, İsmail Araşan 19 and Esat İmrak 22 years old. These three are steelworkers in the construction industry and are old friends from the same village.

Day 67 07.03.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Beykoz – Necati Demirbaş from Kastamonu has 5 daughters. He has been working as a pastry hand for 14 years.

Day 84 24.03.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Moda - A veterinary clinic. A labrador retriever is having a routine check.

Day 109 18.04.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Eminönü, Büyük Yeni Han - A forge. Brothers Ahmet Yıldırım and Mehmet Yıldırım work together in their workshop using a sand casting technique. The brothers have done this job for 25 years.

Day 134 13.05.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Şile - Mustafa Yıldız lives in Ovacık village near Şile. 48-year-old Mustafa decided to produce barbeque charcoal.

Day 176 24.06.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Kozyatağı - Yeditepe Hospital. An expectant mother waits for her first born.

Day 205 23.07.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Kadıköy - Şen Antique Store. Halil Tunca has plied the trade of his father for 35 years.

Day 229 16.08.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Mahmutpaşa - Selim Dikme is 62 years old. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by making party dresses for kids for 40 years.

Day 231 18.08.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

İstinye, Sarıyer - Enka Sport Campus. After a match water polo players complete their training by swimming.

Day 261 17.09.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Bakırköy - Zeki Efkanoğlu bids a final farewell to his childhood friend Tarık Akan at the Taş Mektep primary school.

Day 296 22.10.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Tophane - Young supporters heading to the TT Arena for the Super League match between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor.

Day 321 16.11.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Ataşehir – 21-year-old Ramazan Irmak came from Siverek in Şanlıurfa. He sends what he can from the money he earns by recycling paper, plastic and metals, to his family in Siverek.

Day 361 26.12.2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Fener – Muhammed Ali is 45 years old. He arrived from Syria 5 years ago and is married with 6 children; he makes his living by shelling walnuts for 15 lira a sack.