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Özlem Gürsoy

Özlem is a graduate of the Business School of Istanbul University and was born in Istanbul in 1964.  She worked for around 30 years as an executive in various insurance companies.  Özlem has had an interest in photography for 4 years.  In her work she tries to capture street life and continues to develop her skills by attending various workshops. 

Day 5 05.01.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Kadıköy, Eminönü City Lines - An İstanbul ferryboat captain.

Day 54 23.02.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Prince’s Island – Blacksmith Murat Atar learned his craft from an Albanian craftsman.

Day 61 01.03.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Çengelköy – Chatting over tea and some famous Çengelköy pastry.

Day 82 22.03.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Kadıköy – The pupils of class 4-G at the İlhami Ahmet Örnekal primary school do their schoolwork.

Day 124 03.05.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Tuzla Shipyard - The ferryboat named “Colonel İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu” who fell in the 1974 Cyprus campaign, is left to its fate in Tuzla shipyard.

Day 159 07.06.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Kadıköy, Eminönü City Lines - A ferry journey on a rainy Istanbul morning.

Day 192 10.07.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Şile - Sahilköy, to the north west of İstanbul, is one of the best beaches in town.

Day 208 26.07.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Burgazada - A coach used for transportation on the Prince Islands.

Day 222 09.08.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Şile - Kumbaba beach. This spot was known as a place to take a sand bath in Byzantium times. It is said that the sands in this area are good for rheumatic complaints.

Day 236 23.08.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Sarıyer - Büyükdere, one of the jewels of the Bosphorus.

Day 272 28.09.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Nuruosmaniye - Artisan Eyüp has worked silver for 30 years at the Yakut Silversmith, founded in 1930. He smelts scrap silver and grades the new pieces.

Day 313 08.11.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Laleli – Canteen at the İstanbul University Faculty of Literature.

Day 362 27.12.2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Kadıköy – The Social Club at the Saint Joseph Lycee. Milonga night for tango lovers.