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Suat Atalay

Suat has worked for 26 years in the food sector and besides being a general manager he is also a professional executive coach.  In order to feel the breeze and motion of life, he rides a motorcycle and is interested in yachting.  He says that he takes photographs in order to touch people and to get a feeling of life’s everyday realities and beauties.  

Day 13 13.01.2016 Suat Atalay

Eminönü - These three lads work on day-wages 6 days a week. Semih Gözgü, Halit Afganistan and Sinan Demirtaş sell corn in summer and chestnuts in winter.

Day 52 21.02.2016 Suat Atalay

Yakacık, Darüşşafaka – Solmaz Baysal works on a new painting in the art workshop of Darüşşafaka Yakacık residential care home.

Day 73 13.03.2016 Suat Atalay

Caddebostan – Just after the University entrance exam.

Day 117 26.04.2016 Suat Atalay

Çengelköy - Çengelköy shore. An elderly gentleman and young model.

Day 126 05.05.2016 Suat Atalay

Caddebostan – A quarrel amongst the trash recyclers.

Day 172 20.06.2016 Suat Atalay

Kadıköy - Ayrılık çesmesi station. The locals are exhausted by the city.

Day 196 14.07.2016 Suat Atalay

Beykoz - Beykoz Shoe Factory. Kamasi Washington concert at the İstanbul Jazz Festival.

Day 211 29.07.2016 Suat Atalay

Çapa - Dentist Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aytepe.

Day 254 10.09.2016 Suat Atalay

Pendik - A place in Pendik that sells and sacrifices animals for The Sacrifice Feast. Cattle breeders.

Day 293 19.10.2016 Suat Atalay

Rumeli Fener Köyü - Fishermen.

Day 315 10.11.2016 Suat Atalay

Şaşkınbakkal – A chain of respect for Atatürk.

Day 332 27.11.2016 Suat Atalay

Haliç, Kadir Has University – The play “The Wedding” takes to the stage, presented by the Kadir Has University Theatre Faculty. Written by: Wajdi Mouawad From left to right: Mert Kulbak, Seda Güngör, Deniz Keresteci, Kerem Arslanoğlu, Alp Özbayram, Selen Esen, Onur Gürcay.

Day 355 20.12.2016 Suat Atalay

Bostancı – Master Yusuf’s place.