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Tahsin Gün

Tahsin is a Business School graduate and worked for around 20 years in the export departments of various companies. His interest in photography began during his childhood. He took his first photography training in 2005. Tahsin has participated in the “I AM ISTANBUL” and “ISTANBUL IN 365 DAYS” projects led by photographer Niko Guido and today he is working on developing himself in the field.

Day 18 18.01.2016 Tahsin Gün

Karaköy Tunnel - A celebration of the 141st anniversary of the tram link between Karaköy and Beyoğlu that opened in Istanbul in 1875.

Day 36 05.02.2016 Tahsin Gün

Harem, Bus station – Payphones.

Day 64 04.03.2016 Tahsin Gün

Beşiktaş – Reflections in the glass facade of the Zorlu Center.

Day 123 02.05.2016 Tahsin Gün

Şile – An abandoned house.

Day 153 01.06.2016 Tahsin Gün

Suadiye - Looking to Caddebostan from Suadiye.

Day 175 23.06.2016 Tahsin Gün

Beşiktaş - The historical cast-iron cannon.

Day 183 01.07.2016 Tahsin Gün

Göztepe - Göztepe Park. Kids wait impatiently for the water jets to start.

Day 202 20.07.2016 Tahsin Gün

Kuzguncuk - The aftermath of the July 15 coup attempt.

Day 213 31.07.2016 Tahsin Gün

Garipçe - People sitting by the Bosphorus to cool off.

Day 228 15.08.2016 Tahsin Gün

Çatalca - “Torluk” workers in Çatalca. They are better known by this term in Thrace. But in Anatolia they are known as ‘’Torakçı’’. In other words, charcoal labourers.

Day 230 17.08.2016 Tahsin Gün

Kadıköy, Ayşe Kadın - The local barber. Barber Cemal has been working here for 20 years.

Day 250 06.09.2016 Tahsin Gün

Zekeriyaköy - Minikoza Kindergarten.