Utku Yonarsoy-Istanbul365Days

Utku Yonarsoy

Lawyer Utku Yonarsoy was born in 1971.  He participates in different projects in photography in order to develop his skills in the field. His photography journey continues with ‘’ISTANBUL IN 365 DAYS’’.

Day 15 15.01.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Sultanahmet Square - A ceremony of remembrance is held for those who lost their lives in the terror attack at the obelisk in the square on January 13, 2016.

Day 46 15.02.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Eminönü – Evkaf-ı Hümâyun Nezâreti built many marts at the beginning of the 20th century. The 5th Vakıf Mart is just one of them.

Day 85 25.03.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beyoğlu - Galatasaray Square. Night, rainfall and a woman.

Day 141 20.05.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beşiktaş – The celebrations continue after Beşiktaş wins the league.

Day 158 06.06.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beyoğlu - The heart of İstanbul, İstiklal Avenue, as lively and busy as always.

Day 200 18.07.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Taksim Meydanı - Protests after the July 15 coup attempt.

Day 224 11.08.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Taksim Square - ‘’Standing up for Democracy.’’

Day 232 19.08.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Şile - ‘’Traditional Şile Oil Wrestling.’’

Day 245 01.09.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Taksim - A banner for the 3rd İstanbul Triennial.

Day 267 23.09.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beyoğlu, Sıraselviler - ‘’No Parking.’’

Day 334 29.11.2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beyoğlu – Beyoğlu on a rainyday.