Day 1 01 January 2016 Aslı Atalay

Eminönü- Fikri Batur was a photographer for years but when digital photography began he could not afford the equipment and so he quit photography. 54 year-old Fikri has been selling birdseed for four years.

Day 2 02 January 2016 Meltem İnanç

Samatya - Seafood restaurateur Mehmet Kaya. He came to Istanbul from Patnos village in Ağri in 1990. He lights a fire in the garden of his restaurant to warm his customers.

Day 3 03 January 2016 Beril Baytan

Beyoğlu, İstiklal Street -A snowy winter’s day. A tourist in a brown scarf walking down the street doesn’t mind the cold.

Day 4 04 January 2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü, Ali Paşa- Coppersmith Osman Kaya is 53 years old. He has been working 6 days a week for 35 years.

Day 5 05 January 2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Kadıköy, Eminönü City Lines - An İstanbul ferryboat captain.

Day 6 06 January 2016 Mine Alpar

Çengelköy, Aya Yorgi Church - A special day for the Orthodox Church, Ta Fota. A priest rewards 25 year-old George Gökmen, who recovered the cross from the sea, with a gold chain and a cross of his own.

Day 7 07 January 2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Subway Station - Members of Group Adaçayı, 27-year-old architect Aylin Çankaya and 34-year-old student of philosophy at Istanbul University's master program Yunus Emre have been playing music in the subways since 2012.

Day 8 08 January 2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Beyoğlu - Cengiz Galiptus and Ibrahim Kacer are both from Hatay and have been running the Yöremiz Pide pastry shop for 15 years. Their neigbour Kenan Yıldırım helps them even though he works as a sandpaper craftsman.

Day 9 09 January 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Harbiye - 30 year-old Turan Çelik from Ordu is a father of two and works in a cafe stall. One day a week he works a 21-hour shift in another stall in Taksim. ‘’I’ll do anything for my kids’’, he says.

Day 10 10 January 2016 Funda İnceer

Poyrazköy - The fishermen of Poyrazköy.

Day 11 11 January 2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Kadıköy - Poet Cemal Süreya’s poems immortalized in the pavement stones of Cemal Süreya Street in Kadıköy.

Day 12 12 January 2016 Nazan Okay

Eminönü, Büyük Yeni Han - 54 year-old Yücel Gür from Giresun has been a silversmith for 35 years and works a six-day a week.

Day 13 13 January 2016 Suat Atalay

Eminönü - These three lads work on day-wages 6 days a week. Semih Gözgü, Halit Afganistan and Sinan Demirtaş sell corn in summer and chestnuts in winter.

Day 14 14 January 2016 Nuray Ertürk

Kadıköy Pier - Flower sellers.

Day 15 15 January 2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Sultanahmet Square - A ceremony of remembrance is held for those who lost their lives in the terror attack at the obelisk in the square on January 13, 2016.

Day 16 16 January 2016 Aslı Atalay

Üsküdar, Marmara İlahiyat Mosque - 8th grade student Onur is from Mersin. He sells Turkish bagels (simit) in the garden of İlahiyat Mosque to make up the 20 lira he needs for a book.

Day 17 17 January 2016 Güneş Demir

Taksim, Hacıosman Subway Line - A cold and rainy day. On his way home.

Day 18 18 January 2016 Tahsin Gün

Karaköy Tunnel - A celebration of the 141st anniversary of the tram link between Karaköy and Beyoğlu that opened in Istanbul in 1875.

Day 19 19 January 2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Sirkeci, Hodjapasha Turkish Bath - Whirling Dervish performance.

Day 20 20 January 2016 Jasemin Sadıker

Prince’s Island - Life is tough for Körfez Hasan who lives in a tarpaulin shack.

Day 21 21 January 2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Kadikoy - 1 USD was 2.3393 TL on January 21, 2015, one year ago.

Day 22 22 January 2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Eyüp -Pierre Loti Cable Car. University students Fatih Aydın and Tuba Kaya spend their free time by drinking coffee and chatting atop Pierre Loti hill.

Day 23 23 January 2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy, Haydarpaşa Train Terminal - Haydarpaşa Train Terminal has been abandoned since February 1, 2012.

Day 24 24 January 2016 Fethi Baytan

Bağlarbaşı -The untimely passing of Mustafa Koç at the age of 55 threw Turkey into mourning. Attending his funeral, Koç Holding employees as well as citizens from all over Turkey here expressed their condolences and respect for him.

Day 25 25 January 2016 Mine Alpar

Esenler Bus Station -16 year-olds Can Yakut and Ekrem Erten from Van. This pair were born and grew up in Istanbul and have worked at Esenler Station for 9 years.

Day 26 26 January 2016 Güniz Saltat

Anadolu Hisarı - A submarine in the Bosphorus.

Day 27 27 January 2016 Nuray Ertürk

Levent -On the Levent-Nispetiye subway line, the Nispetiye stop.

Day 28 28 January 2016 Beril Baytan

Üsküdar, Şakirin Mosque - Şakirin Mosque is one the best examples of modern architecture in Turkey and was the first mosque to be designed by a female architect.

Day 29 29 January 2016 Güneş Demir

Eminönü, Tahtakale - Master confectioner Recep has plied his trade for 57 years.

Day 30 30 January 2016 Aslı Atalay

Eminönü - The restroom between the New Mosque, Egyptian Bazaar and Flower Market demonstrates the diversity of Eminönü.

Day 31 31 January 2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Sirkeci - 18 year-old Adem Kandemir was born in Ağrı Doğubayazıt and is the eldest of four siblings. He has been selling coffee for two and a half years.