Day 32 01 February 2016 Beril Baytan

Galata Bridge - Ring desserts are one of the important emblems of İstanbul and can be found anytime of the year.

Day 33 02 February 2016 Işın Akpınar

Eminönü – Shopkeepers at the Grand Bazaar excitedly play cards.

Day 34 03 February 2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Fatih, Vezneciler – Tuncay, the renowned rice seller of Unkapanı. His two loyal regulars are university students Damla Tarım and Yılmaz Yıldırım. Damla is from İzmit and is 22 years old, whereas 24 year-old Yılmaz is from Van.

Day 35 04 February 2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Sarıyer – Construction of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge. The span between the steel uprights is 247 meters.

Day 36 05 February 2016 Tahsin Gün

Harem, Bus station – Payphones.

Day 38 07 February 2016 Fethi Baytan

Kavacık – Bayramoğlu Döner restaurant.

Day 39 08 February 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Topkapı – The Panorama 1453 History Museum An elderly couple tour the artifacts.

Day 40 09 February 2016 Meltem İnanç

Kadıköy, Merdivenköy – The age-old Tuesday Market. The market may move around but its regular customers have remained faithful for 118 years.

Day 41 10 February 2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Hasköy – Rahmi Koç Museum. Newly-weds Merve and Yakup Memişoğlu pose for the cameras.

Day 42 11 February 2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Beyazıt, Grand Bazaar – A bowl of tripe soup.

Day 43 12 February 2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Fikirtepe – 3 youngsters who came to İstanbul from Van in search of work. Osman Aslan is 20, İsmail Araşan 19 and Esat İmrak 22 years old. These three are steelworkers in the construction industry and are old friends from the same village.

Day 44 13 February 2016 Aslı Atalay

Beşiktaş – On the ferryboat pier, a rush to catch the boat.

Day 45 14 February 2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş – A Sıla concert on St. Valentine’s Day.

Day 46 15 February 2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Eminönü – Evkaf-ı Hümâyun Nezâreti built many marts at the beginning of the 20th century. The 5th Vakıf Mart is just one of them.

Day 47 16 February 2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Göztepe – İstanbul Toy Museum. The museum was founded on 23 April 2005 inside a pavilion in Göztepe bequeathed by the family of Sunay Akın.

Day 48 17 February 2016 Nuray Ertürk

Ortaköy – A day without laughter is a day wasted. Ortaköy has many attractions to make us laugh.

Day 49 18 February 2016 Nazan Okay

Florya – İstanbul Aquarium. The aquarium was opened in 2011 and is one of the largest in the world.

Day 50 19 February 2016 Güniz Saltat

Levent – 49-year-old Ahmet Ulutepe is in charge of the Hacı Bozanoğulları pastry shop.

Day 51 20 February 2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Sarıyer, Garipçe village – The majority of the village population is from the Black Sea region.

Day 52 21 February 2016 Suat Atalay

Yakacık, Darüşşafaka – Solmaz Baysal works on a new painting in the art workshop of Darüşşafaka Yakacık residential care home.

Day 53 22 February 2016 Mine Alpar

Sirkeci – 58-year-old Hasan Sarı from Rize works in the Rumeli chocolate shop. He speaks English, German and Italian.

Day 54 23 February 2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Prince’s Island – Blacksmith Murat Atar learned his craft from an Albanian craftsman.

Day 55 24 February 2016 Feyza Ramazanoğlu

Şişli – Special School of the Tohum Autism Foundation.

Day 56 25 February 2016 Meltem İnanç

Karaköy, Funicular – A cat on the train collects passengers’ affection.

Day 57 26 February 2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Bebeköy – Mars Athletic Club. Interior designer 32-year-old Begüm Öztürk works out for 2 hours a day 5 days a week in the gym.

Day 58 27 February 2016 Güneş Demir

Bakırköy – High school students enjoying themselves in İncirli funpark.

Day 59 28 February 2016 Fethi Baytan

Samatya – Bird fanciers take special care of the birds.

Day 60 29 February 2016 Işın Akpınar

Kabataş – A foggy İstanbul morning.