Day 123 02 May 2016 Tahsin Gün

Şile – An abandoned house.

Day 124 03 May 2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Tuzla Shipyard - The ferryboat named “Colonel İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu” who fell in the 1974 Cyprus campaign, is left to its fate in Tuzla shipyard.

Day 125 04 May 2016 Nazan Okay

Gülhane – İstanbul Archaeology Museum. Statue of Cornelia Antonia.

Day 126 05 May 2016 Suat Atalay

Caddebostan – A quarrel amongst the trash recyclers.

Day 127 06 May 2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer – Old aunt Özcan is 82 years old. She raised her 3 sons by sewing at home after losing her husband at a young age. She keeps 2 cats at home and takes care of the rest in the neighbourhood.

Day 128 07 May 2016 Can Emre

Kadıköy – The breakwater where, once upon a time the youth of .Kadıköy would gather on.

Day 130 09 May 2016 Mine Alpar

Edirnekapi – Kariye Museum. Two youngsters born and raised in London to Cypriot families visit the museum.

Day 131 10 May 2016 İpek Ebru Yıldız

Kadıköy – Reflections of Istanbul’s beauty in the middle of the sea.

Day 132 11 May 2016 Güneş Demir

Büyükçekmece – Leyla Bulduk is 54 years old and works on a private farm in Büyükçekmece.

Day 134 13 May 2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Şile - Mustafa Yıldız lives in Ovacık village near Şile. 48-year-old Mustafa decided to produce barbeque charcoal.

Day 136 15 May 2016 Suat Atalay

Maltepe – Kite festival.

Day 137 16 May 2016 Işın Akpınar

Mahmutpaşa – 37-year-old Alim Köprübaşı makes his living as a mover together with his family.

Day 138 17 May 2016 Figen Ongun Tuncer

Emirgan – Osman Demir graduated from primary school in Nevşehir then came to İstanbul where he has been selling artichokes on the Bosphorus for 40 years.

Day 139 18 May 2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Kuzguncuk – Painter Mine Çelengil Göker has lived in Kuzguncuk for many years. She makes the final preparations for her exhibition.

Day 140 19 May 2016 Meltem İnanç

Kalamış – Festivities at the Kalamış Youth Center as a part of Kadıköy Municipality’s May 19, Ataturk Remembrance Youth and Sports day.

Day 141 20 May 2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Beşiktaş – The celebrations continue after Beşiktaş wins the league.

Day 142 21 May 2016 Aslı Atalay

Maltepe – Maltepe Seaside Park.

Day 143 22 May 2016 Beril Baytan

Beykoz – Fishermen patiently wait for the day to end after days of tossing their nets into the sea.

Day 144 23 May 2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Taksim – A cat explores its surroundings. Cats are an integral part of daily life in Istanbul.

Day 145 24 May 2016 Mine Alpar

Zeytinburnu - This Afghan youth works for peanuts by laboring in a textile workshop.

Day 146 25 May 2016 Nazan Okay

Karaköy – Romanian Sera plays accordion amongst the cafés to earn some money.

Day 147 26 May 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar – Billboard transporting truck.

Day 148 27 May 2016 Güniz Saltat

Anadolu Hisarı (Anatolian Fortress) – The oldest Ottoman cemetery in İstanbul.

Day 149 28 May 2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer – Çayırbaşı – Everyone in the district knows ‘Father Müslüm’, who earns his living from renovating and decorating. He came to the area years ago and stayed. He became Father Müslüm in this Romany neighborhood and says, ‘’I drank the water of its fountain and stayed here.’’