Day 214 01 August 2016 Ayşegül Saltat

Kandilli - Emotional reunion of Güzin Teker, a geography teacher from Üsküdar American Academy, and her student Sema Araç, after long years at “Suna’nın Yeri”, a local restaurant.

Day 215 02 August 2016 Funda İnceer

Beşiktaş - The bronz statues of 12 intellectuals, killed between 1978 and 1999, took their place in Abbasağa Park in Beşiktaş as part of the ‘’Heroes of Democracy’’ project.

Day 216 03 August 2016 Güneş Demir

Hacıosman Subway - A university student reads his book on the subway.

Day 217 04 August 2016 Canan Erenmemişoğlu

Karaköy - Prominent photography masters Ersin Alok, Nevzat Çakır, İlyas Göçmen and İzzet Keribar meet photographers at the Art İstanbul Photography Café.

Day 218 05 August 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Eminönü - Shopping for a circumcision celebration.

Day 219 06 August 2016 Funda İnceer

Beyoğlu - The 593rd weekly meeting of the Saturday mothers.

Day 220 07 August 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Üsküdar - Kids watch the world go by at Üsküdar shore.

Day 221 08 August 2016 Işın Akpınar

Beyazıt - An elderly man sells bric-a-brac at the historical plane-tree area in Beyazıt.

Day 222 09 August 2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Şile - Kumbaba beach. This spot was known as a place to take a sand bath in Byzantium times. It is said that the sands in this area are good for rheumatic complaints.

Day 224 11 August 2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Taksim Square - ‘’Standing up for Democracy.’’

Day 225 12 August 2016 Beril Baytan

Beyazıt - Sahaflar (second hand books) Market.

Day 226 13 August 2016 Fethi Baytan

Hasköy - Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

Day 227 14 August 2016 Aslı Atalay

Caddebostan - Caddebostan seaside.

Day 228 15 August 2016 Tahsin Gün

Çatalca - “Torluk” workers in Çatalca. They are better known by this term in Thrace. But in Anatolia they are known as ‘’Torakçı’’. In other words, charcoal labourers.

Day 229 16 August 2016 Nurhayat Baysal

Mahmutpaşa - Selim Dikme is 62 years old. He has followed in his father’s footsteps by making party dresses for kids for 40 years.

Day 230 17 August 2016 Tahsin Gün

Kadıköy, Ayşe Kadın - The local barber. Barber Cemal has been working here for 20 years.

Day 231 18 August 2016 Nurhayat Baysal

İstinye, Sarıyer - Enka Sport Campus. After a match water polo players complete their training by swimming.

Day 232 19 August 2016 Utku Yonarsoy

Şile - ‘’Traditional Şile Oil Wrestling.’’

Day 233 20 August 2016 Aslı Atalay

Kadıköy - Kuşdili Street. Kadıköy has several wig stores that accept personalised orders.

Day 234 21 August 2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Beyoğlu - The LGBT lobby declare “We will walk on Galatasaray Square, we want justice for murdered transgender victim Hande Kader.”

Day 235 22 August 2016 Mine Alpar

Maltepe - Sersu Kara plays with her 17 month-old daughter Zeynep in the theme park.

Day 236 23 August 2016 Özlem Gürsoy

Sarıyer - Büyükdere, one of the jewels of the Bosphorus.

Day 237 24 August 2016 Işın Akpınar

Beyoğlu - Emre Karaca is 23 years old. To help people unwind he listens to their problems.

Day 238 25 August 2016 Aslı Atalay

Ataşehir - Killing time in Palladium Mall.

Day 239 26 August 2016 İhya Bozkurt

Kadıköy - A furniture suite sits in the street waiting to be sold

Day 240 27 August 2016 Funda İnceer

Kadıköy - The Istanbul Mural Festival enters its 5th year.

Day 241 28 August 2016 Murat Ekşioğlu

Kadıköy - Aegean folk songs from the car bring joy to passers-by.

Day 242 29 August 2016 Nilgün Akpınar

Sarıyer - A woman washing dishes on the street.